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Bats Unlimited Wildlife is Fairfield County CT, professional animal control company's you can trust. We have been removing animals from homes for more than 25 years, and we'll use that experience quickly and effectively resolving your concerns. Whether you have a single animal that requires our attention our animal control professionals are up for the task.


Our company is locally owned and operated and we proudly serve in the Fairfield County, CT area. We have the equipment needed to trap  with ease and our removal methods are safe, effective, and humane. From getting rid of raccoons, skunks and woodchuck to clearing your attic of bats and squirrels, we can do it all. We can even help protect your home or business from future problems and our staff will address any specific concerns you have about your property's condition.


It's time to call our professional animal control company. You don't take animals on your property lightly, and neither do we. We treat our clients and their investments with respect, and we are sure you'll appreciate our personable, dedicated customer care. Instead of trying to get rid of nuisances and unwanted animals yourself, let Bats Unlimited Wildlife professionals see to it the job is done right. For more information on our removal methods, call our office today! 203-408-2310



•  General Wildlife Control

•  Humane Removal, Trapping, Exclusion

    and Prevention of:

•  Bats ( Bat Specialist)

•  Squirrels / Flying Squirrels

•  Raccoons

•  Woodchucks

•  Opossums

•  Skunks

•  Chipmunks

•  Birds/Woodpeckers

•  Geese

•  Moles / Voles

•  Snakes

•  Coyotes / Foxes

•  24 Hour Emergency Service

•  Humane Removal, Relocation & Prevention Services

•  Certified Wildlife Specialists

•  Bat Specialist

•  OSHA Certified

•  Thermal Technology

•  Locally Family Owned and Operated

•  More Than 25 Years Experience

•  Proudly Serving Fairfield County, CT

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